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My date’s stats:

 Blog: Claire Folkman: A Web Comic

Age: Started blogging in September 2008.

Likes: Beef, noodle soup, word bubbles, young love.

Dislikes: Superheros.

Little Known Fact: Ms. Folkman is a vociferous reader of dime-store romance novels.  She likes them for the happy endings.

Favorite Cheap Date:  Free Student Recitals at the Curtis Institute

Claire Folkman is a self-described mid-twenties art hipster who writes an autobiographical comic about a mid-twenties art hipster named Claire Folkman.  But that is by no means all.  She is also a conceptual artist, a memoir comic web-blogger, and a most charming date. She has an art show coming up May 6-July 7, 2011 at the DCCA in Wilmington (accessible by SEPTA!) featuring her captivating video work that transforms life’s absurdities into one profound comic strip (or transforms life’s profundities into one absurd comic strip). Meanwhile her blog contains wry and insightful comics, reflections on art school classes and critiques, and musings on everything from the best drawing markers to babysitting to Lady Gaga.  It is updated (usually) on Wednesdays, and definitely worth following.

As for our date, when Claire told me she would take me to the Philly Comix Jam – a monthly gathering of comic enthusiasts that meet at Manny Brown’s on South Street to draw together – well, I was nervous. I mean, this seemed about as intimidating as being brought to a party by a first date to meet twenty or so of their best friends. But as it turned out, I was silly to worry. Everyone at the Comix Jam welcomed me with open arms and assured me that I needed no more drawing skills than a third grader to participate and have a good time. And it turns out they were totally right.

How cheap we talkin’:  The Comix Jam is FREE, and Corona and Dos Equix are $2.50 until midnight.

Why this will impress your date: Not all comics are about Superheroes. Memoir comics are about feelings, too. Plus, no one is going to stop you if you just want to sit and draw hearts around your date’s name all night long.

Score Extra Points: By stopping for a bite first at nearby Tattooed Mom’s.  $1 beef or bean tacos plus half-off all draft beer every Tuesday until 10pm!

The Inside Game:  Don’t forget, it’s BYOP.  (That’s Bring Your Own Pens/Pencils).

Next Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011! Otherwise, mark your calendar for every third Tuesday at 8pm. Click here for more info.


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The other night, my date and I bought a box of crayons and a pad of paper, and spent the evening sipping tea, drawing pictures, and eating pastries at Chapterhouse Cafe and Gallery at 620 S.9th Street (9th and Bainbridge).  At first it may seem a bit childish of an activity for a date, but feeling like a kid again was half the fun.  Plus, it got us talking about the kinds of things we liked as children, the toys we remember playing with, etc., from which I learned a lot of endearing facts about my date.  The other half of the fun was picking out which baked goods we wanted to have!  The pastry selection at some coffee houses can be downright sad, especially near closing time.  But at 8pm on a weeknight (they’re open until 10pm everyday), Chapterhouse still had an ample selection of delicious goodies for us to choose from.  We sat down with our tea and treats, and as soon as we spilled the crayons onto the counter, we were hooked.  The time flew by, and before we knew it they were closing up shop. We didn’t get to finish our dessert or our drawings, but hey, there’s always next time.

How cheap we talkin’: $6 for a 24-color box of Crayons and sketch book from Rite Aid.  $10 for 2 teas, an almond croissant and 2 cookie sandwiches at Chapterhouse.

Why this will impress your date: Because thinking about what your date was like as a little kid is just too adorable.

Score Extra Points: By suggesting that one croissant might not be enough.

The Inside Game: Chapter House also features a rotating exhibition of art by local artists on its walls.  Check it out gallery style before you sit down.

Next Date: Anytime. Chapterhouse is open 7am-10pm every day.


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