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Thanks for your loyal and enthusiastic readership, Cheap Date Philadelphia is growing! In order to keep up, I am in the process of changing over to a different hosting platform with, hopefully, little to no interruption in service. But just in case you find you can’t find me when you need me, please rest assured I’ll be back very soon! I’m looking forward to sharing with you some recent cheap dates I’ve discovered including flea markets, ping pong & water ice, BYO jazz concerts, DIY sculpture and mural tours, and more!



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One of my favorite cheap dates this time of year is to take a blanket and some treats to one of the many outdoor movie screenings that take place all over Philly all through the summer months.  I said it once, and I’ll say it again: There is something undeniably romantic about cuddling up after the sun goes down, sharing some candy and maybe a clandestine bottle of wine or beer, and taking in an outdoor movie on a hot summer night.
And from the looks of this handy-dandy list I’ve prepared − complete with titles and times! – this is a date you can enjoy almost any given night of the summer! Choose from Blockbusters at Penn’s Landing, classic favorites at Schuylkill Banks and Liberty Lands Park, Indie hits at the Piazza, films with local ties at Headhouse Square and more!  There is literally something happening almost every single night, and they are all FREE to attend.
Just BYO blankets and bottles and enjoy the show − and your date!
And if that’s not enough celluloid for you, Bistro La Minette, a quaint french bistro in Queen Village, screens French films every Monday, Thursday, and Friday in its back patio for its “Dinner and a Movie Al Fresco” series.  The shows start at 8:30pm (Fridays at 9:30pm) and reservations are recommended, but you can keep it a cheap date by sharing a pichet of wine or having desert and coffee instead of a full dinner.  There’s a different movie each week. Click here for the roster.

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Lining up for $1 treats!

Once a month, starting tonight, June 2nd, take your date and a fistfull of dollars to Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia for the second (now) annual Dollar Stroll!

Featuring live music, street performers, sidewalk vendors and $1 deals on everything from ice cream to samosas to theater tickets, it’s going to be hard to find more bang for your buck anywhere in the city tonight.

This event turns Baltimore Avenue into a delightful open-air parade of sights, smells, and sounds, but as I learned last year, the lines do get long.  My advice for making it a great date: go early (the event runs from 5:30-8:30pm), don’t try to hit every venue, and use this handy vendor list to plan your route!

Note: If you miss tonight’s stroll, there are 3 more this season. Pencil in your next date for July 7th, August 4th, or September 1st!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Cheap Date Philadelphia just turned One!  I can’t believe it!  To celebrate, I gave myself a Facebook page. Now you can follow me on Facebook or on Twitter @cheapdatephila. Hooray!

I also took some time to reflect on the growth of the blog, which has been thrilling and encouraging.  I’ve especially enjoyed being able to engage with other Philly bloggers through I’m Seeing Other Blogs, and I look forward to more to come! Note to Philly bloggers: if you’re interested in being featured, get in touch!

I have also been thinking about what I’d like to see happen in year Two.  There’s a lot on that list, and you might see some changes to the layout and content of the blog in the coming months.  But it won’t be anything drastic, I promise.  Because mostly I’d just like to keep exploring this city, keep finding great deals and fun things to do for less than $15, and keep telling all of you about it.

Thanks for reading!

I’m going to eat a cupcake now.

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My Date’s Stats:

Blog: City Girls World

Age: CGW launched in 2009. Katie started blogging for them as a “Gal about Philly” in 2010.

Likes: Martinis, Sex in the City, brunch, finger tattoos, wasabi.

Dislikes: Girls who bring their boyfriends everywhere, people who can’t deal with women in control of their sexuality, and party-crashing night time SEPTA schedules.

Little Known Fact: Katie studies social work and human sexuality, and actually has her own blog, which she describes as more or less a “sex blog,” (although it’s name, “There’s vodka in my sippy cup but I need to grow up,” perhaps reads a little more like a diary-of-a-party-girl).

Favorite Cheap Date: The Yards Brewery tasting/tour. “My boyfriend and I went here and it was an awesome way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon-HIGHLY recommended.” As for a girls night out: “I’d pick the Center City Cocktail Crawl-I love XIX but haven’t made it to Vintage–maybe this summer with my fellow CGW writers!”

It seems natural that Katie would think of the writers at City Girls World when planning a girls’ night out, since clicking through CGW feels much more like hanging out with a group of really fun women than reading a one-dimensional blog. The articles are frank and conversational, and the columnists continue their stories from week to week so you can stay current on their latest (mis)adventures. There’s Single Girl, Working Girl, Married Girl, and Gals About Town, and they report on everything of interest to the modern urban-“ette”: shopping, dining, grooming, and, of course, relationships. Plus, the blog covers both Philly and Washington, DC, making it a particulary great resource for those straddling both cities, or planning a visit. One of their most unique features is Single Man Spotted, which reassures readers that these rare specimens are not urban legend by spotlighting cute (and single!) guys they meet on the street. This take on meeting men is a breath of fresh air from those who bemoan the apparent lack of eligible bachelors remaining on planet earth. But snark-lovers never fear – the Single Girl chronicles are brutally (and hilariously) honest and make it clear that, yes, a lot of guys still don’t have a clue. But at City Girls World that doesn’t matter, so long as you have your online girlfriends to commiserate with at the end of the day. At least that’s how the CGW crew sees it.

I recently got a window into City Girls World when I met guest writer Katie Butler at POD for a (surprisingly) cheap date of martinis and sushi.

How cheap we talkin’: Martinis are $5 during happy hour from 4-6pm. Sushi train plates range from $2.50-$5.00.

Why this will impress your date: There’s a sushi conveyor belt! Hey, it may be a novelty, but it’s a darn fun one.

The Inside Game: You can’t take cocktails from the lounge to the sushi bar, so this is a good spot for first dates that you’re not sure will last past the first drink. If things are going well, suggest grabbing a bite. If not, it’s still a cool atmosphere to have a cocktail. Especially before or after a visit to the free Institute for Contemporary Art just up the street!

Score Extra Points: By pointing out the “Pods” to your date. Customers can choose and change the color of the lighting in these private, circular booths.

Next date: Happy hour is weekdays 4-6pm. The sushi train is available anytime.


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“I’m Seeing Other Blogs”

As it turns out, with blogging, as with dating, there is something out there for everyone.  At least, that is what I’ve discovered while poking around on the world wide web doing research and looking for inspiration for my own posts. There are blogs dedicated to local music, art, design, dating, biking, drinking generally, drinking specifically, eating lunch, eating outeating sandwiches, being fashionable, being sporty, being geeky – and each one has its own specific blog personality: its own look, style, wit, charm, and point of view.  I mean, some of these blogs are downright sexy! After a recent afternoon spent clicking through blog profiles I (as Cheap Date Philadelphia) started thinking: “man, some of these blogs seem like they would be really fun to hang out with.” 

And then it hit me: 

I should start seeing other blogs. 

Part date review, part blog review, this new feature will highlight a blog I’ve been crushing on (and that has agreed to go out with me).  The date itself will be picked by the blog, and (ideally) will reflect the blog’s own interests while still sticking to my blog’s cheap date requirements.  Maybe our blogs will hit it off, and maybe they won’t – I’m not really looking to get tied down right now, anyway.  It’s a big wide world wide web, and I just kinda want to see what’s out there, ya know?

Check back soon for the writeup of my first blog date with local dating blog PhilaDate!

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