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Last year, I recommended going to one of Philly’s many street fairs and festivals, as a great cheap date idea: There’s (usually) no cost for entry, there’s (almost always) live music or entertainment to enjoy, and there’s lots of cool stuff to look at and fun foods to try! Of course, if you don’t want to spend date money at the food stands you can always bring your own and dine picnic style – and bringing your own water anyway is a smart (and cost-saving) move.

In short, Philly’s festivals come in all shapes and sizes, and they are a great opportunity to venture out to a different park or neighborhood, mingle with a new crowd, get some sun and some exercise, see some great live music, meet up with friends, or just enjoy the company of your date.

Penn Landing's Great Plaza

Like last year, I’ve again compiled a list of upcoming street fairs and festivals for your next cheap date! As you can see, there is definitely something for everyone this summer! Mark your (2011) calendars for:

Keep checking back for updates and additions! And for a list of ALL festivals (including those with entry fees above $15, film fests, and events taking place in the greater Philadelphia area, check out this awesome festival roster from Visit Philly!

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Come summertime, it seems like every Philadelphia neighborhood throws down block party style with a neighborhood festival or street fair.  Providing a full day of live music to listen to, vendors’ wares to peruse, yummy treats to try, and in most cases, green space to camp out on, these events make great dates because there’s a lot to see, a lot to do, and a little something for everybody.

How cheap we talkin’: FREE plus the (optional) cost of food, which could be very little, but could run you up to the budget if you decide you just have to get ice cream, and kettle corn, and funnel cake…

Why this will impress your date: Because you also look good in daylight.

The Inside Game: Bring your own water.  Bottled water will be overpriced, and you could spend your whole day in line for it.  Also, take public transportation or walk if you can – parking at and around these festivals can be a huge hassle.

Score Extra Points: Meet up with your friends or your date’s friends and make some introductions.  These kinds of events are a great, low-key way to casually see how your date mingles with a crowd.  Or, more specifically, with your crowd.

Next date: There are festivals all year long!  I will continue to update this post as I hear about more festivals, so check back!  In the meantime, mark your (2010) calendar for:


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