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Summer means t-shirts, shorts, sundresses, sandals, and sunshine. It also means the spectre of the possible date disaster – SWEATING. That’s why every cheap dater needs a go-to spot to enjoy a cool drink outside, with equal parts shade and ambiance. Read my full review at drinkphilly.com and find out where!

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My Date’s Stats:

Blog: City Girls World

Age: CGW launched in 2009. Katie started blogging for them as a “Gal about Philly” in 2010.

Likes: Martinis, Sex in the City, brunch, finger tattoos, wasabi.

Dislikes: Girls who bring their boyfriends everywhere, people who can’t deal with women in control of their sexuality, and party-crashing night time SEPTA schedules.

Little Known Fact: Katie studies social work and human sexuality, and actually has her own blog, which she describes as more or less a “sex blog,” (although it’s name, “There’s vodka in my sippy cup but I need to grow up,” perhaps reads a little more like a diary-of-a-party-girl).

Favorite Cheap Date: The Yards Brewery tasting/tour. “My boyfriend and I went here and it was an awesome way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon-HIGHLY recommended.” As for a girls night out: “I’d pick the Center City Cocktail Crawl-I love XIX but haven’t made it to Vintage–maybe this summer with my fellow CGW writers!”

It seems natural that Katie would think of the writers at City Girls World when planning a girls’ night out, since clicking through CGW feels much more like hanging out with a group of really fun women than reading a one-dimensional blog. The articles are frank and conversational, and the columnists continue their stories from week to week so you can stay current on their latest (mis)adventures. There’s Single Girl, Working Girl, Married Girl, and Gals About Town, and they report on everything of interest to the modern urban-“ette”: shopping, dining, grooming, and, of course, relationships. Plus, the blog covers both Philly and Washington, DC, making it a particulary great resource for those straddling both cities, or planning a visit. One of their most unique features is Single Man Spotted, which reassures readers that these rare specimens are not urban legend by spotlighting cute (and single!) guys they meet on the street. This take on meeting men is a breath of fresh air from those who bemoan the apparent lack of eligible bachelors remaining on planet earth. But snark-lovers never fear – the Single Girl chronicles are brutally (and hilariously) honest and make it clear that, yes, a lot of guys still don’t have a clue. But at City Girls World that doesn’t matter, so long as you have your online girlfriends to commiserate with at the end of the day. At least that’s how the CGW crew sees it.

I recently got a window into City Girls World when I met guest writer Katie Butler at POD for a (surprisingly) cheap date of martinis and sushi.

How cheap we talkin’: Martinis are $5 during happy hour from 4-6pm. Sushi train plates range from $2.50-$5.00.

Why this will impress your date: There’s a sushi conveyor belt! Hey, it may be a novelty, but it’s a darn fun one.

The Inside Game: You can’t take cocktails from the lounge to the sushi bar, so this is a good spot for first dates that you’re not sure will last past the first drink. If things are going well, suggest grabbing a bite. If not, it’s still a cool atmosphere to have a cocktail. Especially before or after a visit to the free Institute for Contemporary Art just up the street!

Score Extra Points: By pointing out the “Pods” to your date. Customers can choose and change the color of the lighting in these private, circular booths.

Next date: Happy hour is weekdays 4-6pm. The sushi train is available anytime.


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Drink Philly is my go-to source for information about all things alcoholic in Philly.  They cover it all: where to find the season’s best microbrews, Philly’s best mixologists, and a very helpful “Specials” guide organized by neighborhood and day of the week.  But they understand that it can’t be all champagne toasts and top shelf cocktails all the time.  They get me.  And that’s why we’re together.

So check out my Cheap Date review of Del Frisco’s happy hour at drinkphilly.com, where I recently discovered you can get dinner and drinks for under $15 per person (no, really!).  And look for more Cheap Date articles on Drink Philly in the coming months!


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There is good fun to be had with old-fashioned bar hopping in boisterous pubs or local dives, but on a recent weeknight, my date and I decided to class it up with a happy hour “cocktail crawl” in Center City.  We started around 5:30pm at Vintage, a wine bar and bistro at 129 S.13th street that offers up $4 house wines by the glass from 4-6pm, Monday-Friday.  After one delicious glass of red there, we trotted 1 block south and 2 blocks west to the swanky nineteenth floor bar at the Bellevue Hotel (aptly named XIX), where all signature cocktails are only $6 from 5-7pm, Monday-Friday.  After enjoying a well-made cocktail and the view from the balcony, we made a last stop at the nearby Kimmel Center to walk off our buzzes wandering around the rooftop garden.

How cheap we talkin:’ Wine at Vintage: $8.80 + $2 tip for 2 glasses. Cocktails at the Bellevue $12.00 + $2.00 tip for 2 signature cocktails.

Why this will impress your date: This time, it’s class all the way.

The Inside Game: If you are going to stop by the Kimmel Center, check the calendar and make sure it will be open. It closes at 6pm when there are no evening events.

Score Extra Points: Before leaving the Bellevue, take your date to the 12th floor where we stumbled across an atrium with a fountain and an unattended grand piano. My date scored extra points by treating me to a few impromptu show tunes.

Next Date: Any Monday-Friday.


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